Our goal is to help to meet your goal

Program managers are the central focal point between the contract manufacturer and  the Tier 1 suppliers/OEM program managers.

Our program managers team is able to communicate complex issues and help gain consensus through the various levels of organizations, whether internally or externally, in order to accomplish what needs be done

Industry experience

Our program managers have the necessary experience working with Tier1/OEM-contract manufacturing relationships by understanding OEM customer-related demands and have a keen sense for urgency.

Ability to engineer technical documents

Our program managers have a deep understanding of engineering design drawings, technical documents, and schematics and, able to relate any important changes to other cross functional groups.

Materials and supply chain understanding

Our program managers understand how materials demand is driven; organized, and the systematic management of materials…relative to manufacturing. Understanding of supply chain manufacturing concepts; materials and enterprise resources planning, vendor-managed inventory (VMI) systems aa well as regional hub distributions.

Conflict resolution capabilities

As key contacts between different functional groups, by understanding how to balance multiple customer demands, with multiple personalities, for multiple OEM customer programs our program managers are able to handle potential suffacing of connflicts.

‘How’ conflict is handled is extremely important to the health of the OEM and contract manufacturing relationship. And, with conflict comes criticism…program managers are most effective when they are able to not take criticism personal.